RGS Vacuum Systems is a company specialized in the production of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Pneumatic Conveyors for powders and granules and Centralized Vacuum Systems.

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The conveyor generates a vacuum inside the conveyor pipe and the product is sucked from the pick-up point towards the conveyor itself.

The material is taken and, by means of a transport tube, sent inside a container, where the separation between the product and the air takes place. The air sucked during transport is purified by a filter and expelled from the vacuum source. The whole process is managed by a control unit.

With this type of transport the air speed is further reduced to values below 10 m/s and the vacuum increased beyond 800 mbar. The air velocity is not sufficient to keep the particles in flight inside the tube, so the process remains compact and is transported entirely in interspersed “blocks”, obtaining a more delicate treatment of the product.


The low speed is suitable for viscous and abrasive products, very fragile (rice, glass fiber or ceramic atomized), liquid and mixed.


  • less crushing of the product
  • small filter surfaces (small size of hoppers and various equipment such as pipes and pumps)
  • compactness and high internal cleaning
  • increased efficiency, the ratio of transported product/air used is very high
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