RGS Vacuum Systems is a company specialized in the production of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Pneumatic Conveyors for powders and granules and Centralized Vacuum Systems.

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RGS has been designing and producing the most complete and reliable centralized intake systems for over 20 years.

It often happens that because of the amplitude of the environment, or when the environment develops on several floors and there are many machines, and it is difficult to reach every single hole, it is more convenient to use a centralized intake system rather than a large number of industrial vacuum cleaners.

It may seem a less economical choice to install a centralized intake system, but it is not so, because through it we could reduce cleaning times, the number of operators in charge of cleaning, just one operator to clean large areas that can be developed on more floors, less space, less management costs, since all the dirt is collected.

A centralized systems consists of a single suction unit with a single filter and container. Large industrial vacuum cleaners are often used, to which a network of pipes are connected that can be installed anywhere in the company.

Thanks to the vacuum generated by the suction unit, the vacuum is generated inside these tubes, so that the aspirated material is conveyed inside them, which will carry all the aspirated material in a single container.

Obviously all the centralized suction plants produced and designed by RGS, are dimensioned and built following precise mathematical and physical formulas, so that the central intake system is exactly sized according to the required simultaneity of work that may occur(for example, in a centralized system with 5 inputs we can have from 1 to 5 simultaneous work, in the case where 5 operators want simultaneously aspirate) depending on the material being aspirated, the number of curves and the distance to be covered by the centralized system.

RGS, thanks to its great experience in the field of central suction plants, is able to meet almost any request, in fact our centralized plants are present in almost all industrial sectors, from food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, metalworker, textile and many others.

Of course, RGS can also supply its central suction systems with ATEX certification, in order to guarantee the highest levels of safety.


  • Reduce time and costs for cleaning work environments.
  • Fewer cleaning operators, only one operator can clean more floors in less time..
  • Lower maintenance costs, there is a single suction group and filter container to be cleaned and maintained.
  • Larger cleaning radius with smaller footprint.
  • A single suction group and a single container for several suction points.
  • A freer and quieter workplace, as the suction group is one and can be installed outside the building.
  • Increased safety with ATEX certified implants.
  • Immediate savings.


Thanks to the use of centralized suction systems it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of maintenance and cleaning of plants and working environments, since a single operator is able to easily clean large spaces on different floors without risk and loss of time, it will have to empty a single container..

In addition to saving on the resources to be dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of the plants, there are also significant savings on maintenance, since there will be to clean and maintain only one container and one suction group, no longer many vacuum cleaners.

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