RGS Vacuum Systems is a company specialized in the production of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Pneumatic Conveyors for powders and granules and Centralized Vacuum Systems.

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The vacuum cleaners of the single-phase series are the winning weapon in all cases where it is necessary to clean and vacuum powders or liquids with speed, efficiency and durability over the years.
Thanks to the high suction power, the large surface filter with cleaning system and the full range of accessories and optional, this series of vacuum cleaners fits perfectly in all working conditions, allowing the operator to reduce working time both during aspiration and during disposal of recovered materials.

Particularly suitable in the mechanical, construction, food, car washes, incinerators and thermosanitary sectors, thanks to its high filtering efficiency (class L as standard, M and H as option) Even the most harmful dust can be recovered without releasing residues into the environment and the operator never comes into contact with hazardous substances with the aid of continuous bag or hermetic bag collection systems.
The high quality of the components used for its assembly make it able to face the most demanding uses and guarantee the same effectiveness of suction of the first day even after years of use.