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The problem of cleaning in work environments has become increasingly important, and it is therefore essential to use powerful and high-performance vacuum cleaners in the cleaning of work areas to maintain a good level of air quality within the premises.

So RGS, leader in industrial vacuum cleaners, confirms its ability to adopt HEPA and ULPA filters across its range of vacuum cleaners. The filter is the heart of the vacuum cleaner and captures all the dirt, thus safeguarding the health of the operators.
Absolute filters are synonymous with increased filtration and reduce the reimmissions in environments of fine dust and micro-organisms of small size harmful to health by helping to maintain low bacterial charges in the workplace.


Does the adoption of HEPA and ULPA filters on vacuum cleaners reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus?

Assuming that the COVID-19 virus is approximately 0.1μm in size, HEPA filters have demonstrated to be able to capture more than 99.9% of the viral particles that reach them and ULPA filters up to 99.999%.

We could say that these filters are effective in capturing airborne viruses and that they are attracted inside the vacuum cleaner. In this case, without the adoption of adequate filters, they would return to the environment through the exhaust air of the aspirator itself. Therefore, the adoption of a HEPA or ULPA filter will surely have a retention effect of almost all particles and microorganisms up to 0.1μm that are sucked in.


It should be specified that only a part of the viruses present in the environment will be intercepted by the air flow of the vacuum cleaner and therefore the use of the vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA and ULPA filters, will produce a benefit for the operators but cannot be considered as a sanitizing system or total protection of the environment in which it is used. It is necessary to follow the rules established by the relevant bodies by adopting the appropriate individual protection devices accordingly.

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