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Italy thanks to consolidated competences of supply chain and investments in research and development, but above all in innovation for the productive and logistic fields, is one of the main producers of drugs, the companies in fact are investing in new systems.

Thanks to its experience, knowledge and technical skills, RGS produces pneumatic conveying systems specific to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector (nutritional supplements) made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316L with mechanical polishing (roughness up to 0,02 Ra), ideal for any type of single component or mixed powder (suitable for feeding tablet pressing machines, bagging machines, encapsulating machines, blister units) or for the transport of light products (capsules).

Our pneumatic conveyors are at the service of packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry; designed and manufactured with the aim of improving production efficiency, increasing safety and maintaining high hygiene within the departments.

The powder is loaded automatically, without clogging and without the operator’s manual intervention, ensuring a cleaner working environment and thus improving the production process.

The technology used for vacuum generation is the high vacuum Venturi pump, so as not to demix and convey the material gently.

Trasporto pneumatico in fase densa in vuoto Applicato a comprimitrice in ambito farmaceutico

Pneumatic Conveyor in dense vacuum phase applied to tablet pressing machine in the pharmaceutical field

All materials finishings are specially made to meet pharmaceutical industry standards.

In this type of environment, with our systems, we are able to guarantee total hygiene, no contamination of the final products and the protection of workers’ health.

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