RGS Vacuum Systems is a company specialized in the production of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Pneumatic Conveyors for powders and granules and Centralized Vacuum Systems.

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RGS Vacuum Systems designs and manufactures pneumatic conveying systems, the best solution for handling materials such as powders and granules, and for cleaning working areas avoiding the risk of contamination.

The purpose of a pneumatic conveyor system is to transfer materials from one or more points to a final destination or to a further production process.
These include: mixing, granulation, concentration, processing and packaging.


The company realizes “turnkey” projects with innovative and customized solutions.


All conveyors systems designed and produced by RGS Vacuum Systems are dimensioned and built, following decades of experience, by the components of the sales and technical staff, and managed by dedicated software self-produced, so as to ensure that the proposed solutions correspond perfectly to the highest standards.

The RGS Vacuum Systems team works to identify the right technology for the customer’s specific needs, starting from technical inspections at the customer’s production facilities, to the design and production of systems, up to the servicing and scheduled maintenance of the system over time.

Advantages of the pneumatic conveyor system:

  • Short, medium and long distances can be used to transfer products pneumatically.
  • The ability to maintain a controlled atmosphere.
  • Closed system, therefore there is protection against dust emissions into the atmosphere and also the protection of material transported by external contaminants.
  • May have multiple collection and discharge points, with dosage or weighing.
  • Flexibility.
RGS Vacuum Systems, the applications: