RGS Vacuum Systems is a company specialized in the production of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Pneumatic Conveyors for powders and granules and Centralized Vacuum Systems.

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RGS, unique on the international scene, combines and indicates the different types of conveyors and suction advising its customers the best solution for their needs.

The dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are suitable to transport big quantities of powders and granules (even dozens of tons per hour) with low conveying speed, from few meters up to very large distances (> 100 m of powders are suitable to transport big quantities of powders and granules (even dozens of tons per hour) with low conveying speed, from few meters up to very large distances (> 100 m).

The DENSE PHASE is the best technology to convey fragile or very abrasive materials, as the low transport speed make it possible to preserve their integrity and avoid the wear of the systems.

All our conveyors can be made of painted carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304, stainless steel AISI316.


Available with certification PED or ASME and with components ATEX zone 21 or 22.


  • LOW CONVEYING SPEED: Usually between 2-10 m/s, allows to preserve the integrity of the product, minimizing changes in bulk density and particle size distribution.
  • MORE EFFICIENT:Very high ratio of product conveyed/air used.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE: Less wearing of the piping and the moving parts.
  • PRESERVES THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PRODUCT: Using compressed air dried and with a low temperature allows to do not change the characteristics of the product. The use of a little quantity of air reduces the oxidation of the product. Moreover, the dense phase conveying limits the segregation effects onto mixed products along the pipe routing.
  • NO PROBLEM IN CASE OF FORCED INTERRUPTION: While in traditional installations a forced interruption of transport results in the dismantling of the line which must be emptied to restart it, the dense phase can be interrupted and resumed at any time without any need for extraordinary intervention.


  • BATCH OR (EMPTY PIPE): It’s a non-continuous functioning according to which the material, loaded into the pressure vessel, is pushed by compressed air along the pipeline till the destination; at the end of the cycle, both the pipeline and the pressure vessel are empty and all the material has been transferred in the destination.

This kind of convey is suitable for short/medium distances (up to 50-60 meters).


  • FULL PIPE: Expects functioning cycles according to which the pressure vessel is loaded and emptied, pushing the material little by little along the pipe. After having filled all the pipeline, the material begins to be discharged into the destination with very low speed.

This kind of convey is suitable for reach very long distances (beyond 100 meters) and to convey very fragile or very abrasive materials.


  • FULL PIPE CONTINUOUS: When it’s required a continuous functioning, we can use a twin system with two pressure vessels working alternatively in parallel, pushing the material along the same pipe.




Load valve Ø (mm)Dimensions
Flow rate *
Conveying Distance**
DPC-2020150Ø 400 x h 70070010-20
DPC-5050150Ø 400 x h 1.0001.20025-30
DPC-8080200Ø 600 x h 1.3002.00040-50
DPC-180180200Ø 800 x h 1.5503.50060-100
DPC-300300200Ø 800 x h 1.8507.00060-100
DPC-600600250Ø 1.100 x h 2.15012.50060-100
DPC-900900250Ø 1.100 x h 2.50020.00060-100

*We can realize even bigger engines depending on the customer’s capacity requirements.

* maximum approximate flow rate, considering an average number of cycles and a bulk density of 1 kg/L


    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food & Beverage
    • Plastic
    • Glass and ceramic
    • Cement and aggregates
    • Biomass and energy production
    • Batteries
    • Ecology and environment
    • Metal production
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